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Genre: Gypsy Jazz



Julien Labro - Accordion

Jordan Schug- Bass Player

Koran Agan - Lead Guitar Player

Ivan Pena - Rhythm Guitar Player




A jazz ensemble specializing in the Gypsy jazz sound made famous by guitarist Django Reinhardt. The group quickly became a favourite in area bars and clubs and signed with Mack Avenue Records, the prestigious jazz label releasing the self-titled Hot Club of Detroit in 2006 to much acclaim, following it with Night Town in 2008. It's About That Time which expanded somewhat on the band's Gypsy jazz base to include other strains of jazz appeared in 2010. In 2012, the Hot Club of Detroit returned with Junction displaying an electrifying and visionary ensemble that takes the traditions pioneered by Reinhardt and spins them in a way that's both reverent and refreshingly contemporary. Their energetic and unique acoustic-electric sound features Julien Labro on accordion, Koran Agan on lead guitar, Ivan Pena on rhythm guitar, and Jordan Schug on bass.





Hot Club Detroit Live @ RegattaBar

Hot Club of Detroit - Swing

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