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Genre: Guerrilla jazz, Contemporary World-Fusion



Giuliano Modarelli (Guitar)
Al MacSween (Keys, accordion, electronics)
Domenico Angarano (Bass)
Joost Hendrickx (Drums)



Kefaya is an international collective of musicians founded and led by guitarist Giuliano Modarelli and pianist Al MacSween. Since 2011, they have been exploring world folk traditions through improvisation, electronics and contemporary influences and are currently in the process of finishing their highly anticipated debut album.

Bringing together their versatility and extensive range of influences, Kefaya's appeal is in their ability to combine musical idioms in a unique and organic way. Their sound results from a deep understanding of different musical traditions as well as extensive collaborations with artists from around the world. Their material often expresses a deep social and political awareness, utilising folk songs and re-workings of revolutionary anthems.

Kefaya live in Goa


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