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Genre: Contemporary Jazz



Simon Moullier - Vibraphone

Sharik Hasan - Piano, Synthesizer

Anthony A. Tóth - Bass

Alexander L. J. Tóth - Drums



The birth of MND FLO began as a trio between Pianist Sharik Hasan, Bassist Alexander L. J. Tóth, and Drummer Anthony A. Tóth.  For them, it was one of those stories where they met and everything just clicked from the start.  The trio originally met in Boston, while studying at the Berklee College of Music - a time of endless musical experimentation, and the beginning of a meaningful friendship that has lasted throughout the years. Enter Vibraphonist, Simon Moullier.  Although arriving in Boston slightly later on, he immediately found himself creatively exploring with the now developed trio.  "Again, it was that instant connection.  We really felt like he added his own unique voice, and that extra layer to the music that took it to a new level".


Since then, their musical philosophy has never revolved around individual instruments or personalities, but rather as one unit, that move together and Flo together.  Even as individually distinguished artists that reside in various cities, MND FLO always remains their artistic home.  In a time where it seems rare to come across a band where all members are equally invested in every aspect, MND FLO emphasizes the fact that they love doing what they do, and they love doing it together.


MND FLO's debut album "From Time" simply touches on the time that the group has all known each other.  The four have known each other from time, been brothers from time, and have been creating music together from time.  The album features an array of ethnic subtleties, as well as their apparent hunger for creating new vessels of musical expression through electronic elements and atmospheric detail.


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