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The guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan started his career in 1985 and has displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility and maverick daring. Bold reinventions of classical masterpieces, soulful explorations through pop-rock hits, blazing straight ahead jazz forays and ultramodern improvisational works-all take listeners on breathless journeys into the unexpected. Instead of conventional strumming and picking, Jordan's innovative "touch technique" is an advanced form of two-handed tapping. His music is imbued with a warmth and sensitivity that has captured the imagination of listeners worldwide. A classically trained pianist before playing guitar, Jordan wanted greater freedom in voicing chords on his guitar, so he applied piano principles to do so - his touch technique allowing him to play melody and chords simultaneously with an unprecedented level of independence. And not only that, Jordan plays simultaneously on two different guitars, or even on guitar and piano. For him, it as a single instrument with a wide range of tonal colors, after all! Stanley's commitment to music is at an artistic, spiritual and even health promoting level. He has been immersed for more than a decade in music therapy and conducts outreach in schools, hospitals and other venues wherever he tours. Having performed in over 60 countries on 6 continents, recipient of four Grammy nominations and having graced prominent festivals like the Concord Jazz Festival and the Montreaux International Jazz Festival. 

Stanley Jordan - Eleanor Rigby

Stanley Jordan - "Piano Concerto 21"

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